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Rusty the Ranch Horse

May 2, 2000 - June 19, 2019

Rest in peace beautiful soul

Knowing that all of the hearts that you stole

Will miss your smell and soft brown eyes

Your gentle nature and comforting sighs

Although your life went by too fast

The influence you had was great and vast

You let the small ones climb and tug

Patiently enjoying each special hug

You worked hard for your cowboys; cowgirls too

Willing and ready to learn something new

Checking cattle and fence seemed like old hat

Two of the things you were very best at

Taking care of those for whom riding was new

No need to tell you, you already knew

There’s no way to describe what you offered this place

Our hearts just melt when we picture your face

And now you live on forever, it’s true

As the star of your books we will always have you

So run wild and free in the heavens above

‘til we see you again and give you more love

Rusty the Ranch Horse
thunderFitchner_Book_028 - Copy-cr.jpg

Thunder the Smallest War Horse

Small but mighty; full of grit

Endless try; does not know quit

Good thing the cuteness overflows

Because the naughty sometimes shows

Thunder is a compact size

So his strong will is a surprise

He’s a warrior through and through

Always planning the next coup

He battles things inside his head

Questions he has like: Why? Instead?

Why can’t he be big and stout?

To pull large carriages all about

Why does he always have to wait?

Be pushed aside? It feels like fate

He battles on no matter what

War paint he wears to help his strut

He won’t give up the fight to win

To get his way; when he says when

Thunder’s learned and found his way

Size doesn’t take his gifts away

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Delgado the Donkey

The Donkey, Delgado is fluffy and round
He walks his own walk; makes his own sound.
What is different about him is what we love most.
The Donkey, this fellow, standing by the fence post
When he brays long and loud it’s a donkey alarm
Tells the world what he wants, it’s part of his charm
He is hungry or thirsty or needs company
This Donkey, Delgado is special to me
He comes to me for a hug and a pet
He is furry and soft -He helps me forget
Long ears to hear all words that I say
Spending moments with him always makes my day!
He is easy to catch;  he loves to play
Just feed him some grass and a little hay
His ears are listening; my secrets I tell
As a friend or a pet- he does them both well
The Donkey Delgado, the best thing I’ve found
He makes the world better-Best Friend around!

By Cecelia Harshfield

Donkey Logo 001-cr.jpg

Gunner the

All-Around Horse

Gunner is regal, sure footed and stately

The cowgirl he loves owns his heart…and greatly

He owns her heart too since the day their eyes met

A bond was created they won’t ever forget

Challenges, striving, following dreams

They ride the wind; connected it seems

Gunner has many jobs he knows well

As they fly together, many stories to tell

He is trustworthy; his heart so true

Doing each task she asks him to do

He moves with speed, precision and strength

Gunner does all, to any length

Chasing cattle, standing still

He’ll do for her what is her will

He keeps her safe; she cares for him

The perfect team; they rope to win!

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The Heart of a Cowgirl

Courage the Cowgirl Way

Goodnight Cowgirl

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