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Cowboys are heroes and icons of the American West! They live by The Code of the West and have a strong culture. Their lifestyle has purpose and meaning representing all they do and believe. Living each day with courage, taking pride in their work and finishing what they start are just a few of the ethics they choose to live by. As you read about the cowboy you will learn why the world needs more cowboys!

Check out this book in the story time video!  Read along with Mary as she reads this story out loud.


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Check out all the books about Rusty!

Rusty Under the Western Skies
Rusty Goes to Frontier Days
Rusty and His Saddle
Rusty and the Pot of Gold
Rusty and the River
Wrong Color Rusty


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Rusty's Cowboy

  • Rusty the Ranch Horse Tales are rhyming stories that have life lessons about the west, horses, and cowboy ethics. The authentic western lingo and bold watercolor illustrations make each book a special treasure. They are intended to inspire, entertain and educate readers everywhere about the western lifestyle. All the books are created way out west under the big western skies by a mother and daughter team.

    For children ages 4-10, and we highly recommend reading to babies!

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