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The Rusty’s Remuda Children’s Book Series is created way out west by a mother and daughter team. Mom Mary writes the words while daughter Rozlyn illustrates in bold watercolor. When you ride for the brand with Rusty’s Remuda you will be inspired and entertained about all things western. Each tale holds a valuable lesson about riding the trail and features a special character from the herd. They highlight the Code of the West with a focus of the first code: Live Each Day With Courage! The brilliant pictures captivate all ages; the rhyming is fun and educational. Mary and Rozlyn hope to share their passion for the west and horses with readers all over the world.


Mary Fichtner

Mary grew up under the big western skies roping and riding all over the west. Rodeo was her sport growing up through college. As a kid she didn’t realize the impact it was having on her and how her strong western roots would help her face the many challenges life always presents. As an Army wife and mother of four she has always used her cowgirl courage to make the best life possible. She was raised by parents who knew many fascinating Wild West characters and were incredible storytellers. This gave Mary a passion for sharing stories. She writes the Rusty’s Remuda Children’s Book series in rhyme; each one with a life lesson. “Rhyming is so much more fun to read for parents and kids and is essential to learning language and sounds”.  According to Mary’s family if she can get your attention long enough she will tell you a story!


Rozlyn Fichtner

Rozlyn was raised under the same beautiful western skies. She developed her own passion for all things equine and has competed in everything from rodeo to jumping to showmanship. Rozlyn’s current focus is roping on her favorite black rope horse, Gunner. Her love of horses along her natural talent in art made her the obvious choice for illustrator.  The bright colors and fun characters mesmerize little ones who love the stories. Rozlyn is attending the University of Wyoming where she is studying to become an elementary school art teacher.

Plush Maker

Along the trail we have met so many amazing people who have all touched our hearts! After having many requests for plush book characters we crossed paths with a young girl from Wyoming who had already made a few lovable, soft stuffed horses. Naturally we asked her to join our team. She now hand makes our plush characters to go with the stories, each one unique and stuffed with love. She has been saving all her money for her own real horse since she was 3 and with the money she has earned made her dream come true! She purchased her very own filly last year.  It has been a heartwarming ride. Now she is happily sewing for hay and tack.


Start your own adventure with Rusty and Thunder!

Giving Back

10% of our sales go to charity

10% of our sales are given to Dr.Donny MacDougall, DVM (Mary’s brother) for his Christian Veterinary Mission!

Animals are a bridge to relationships. Whether at a clinic in urban America, a veterinary school in Bolivia, the countryside of Mongolia or serving the Cherokee Nation, relationships are formed over the care of an animal. Trust is built, hearts are shared, and a seed is planted for the Kingdom of Christ.

The mission of CVM is to walk alongside Christians in the veterinary community whose desire is to bring glory to God through the use of their professional skills. It is our honor and privilege to pray with, talk with, encourage, equip, mentor and provide resources and opportunities for men and women to follow God’s call in their life, whether serving in their own community or cross-culturally.

*The two raccoons in the photo are still alseep after being neutered for the local zoo.


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