Kind words

Thanks again for coming to visit. The kids absolutely loved it! I wanted to share that as of today, all of your books are now checked out and have waiting lists! So exciting!

Kimberly Redmond, Southridge Elementary Librarian

What talent! What a great way to share it! You are making a difference for the next generation and ones yet to come.  

Senator Mike Enzi

I absolutely love the illustrations in your books and the stories are as great! Some children’s books don’t have both, but Rusty the Ranch Horse books do!

Sue McBride, Whistle Stop Mercantile manager

Thanks for the great books! I have shared with the other moms on the ranch and they are planning to pick them up for their kiddos.

Millie Woody

Thank you for writing such amazing books for kids about the western way of life and great morals!

Yvette Valdez-Plorin

Thanks for the books! I can’t wait to read them to my grandkids!

Gina Webb Goodnight

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