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Find the Lost Calf Maze

Help Rusty and his cowboy find the lost calf in this western maze. Print it out, color it and find the calf.

Download using the button:

Word Search

Test your skill. Find the western words in the herd of letters.

Answer key available upon request.

Download using the button:

Dot to Dot Horse

Follow the numbers in order with your pencil to reveal your very own horse.

Color it and do more to create your own herd.

Download using the button:

Saddle Up Paper Horse

Saddle up Rusty or your own horse.Choose your saddle blanket, saddle and bridle.

Use X folding tags for tack placement.

Download using the button:

Cowgirl Paperdoll

Color, cut, and dress up the cowgirl.

Fold at X tabs to keep clothes in place.

Download both pages using the buttons:

Cowboy Gear

Color, cut and cowboy up! Fold at X tabs for garb placement.

Download using the button:


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