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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Season 2, Episode 5: Meet Dixie Malm

A Solid Foundation is how Dixie Malm Survives Family Tragedy

Mary Fichtner and Dixie Malm with their books
Mary Fichtner with Dixie Malm

Good thing Dixie was raised by parents who knew how to grow girls into courageous, strong, independent women. Especially since there were four of them. This prepared her for the valley she would be in years later. Tighten your cinch for this ride, the grit and moxie she has will challenge you to stay on your horse. And let me apologize for the background noise. We had on headphones and were at a coffee shop so we couldn't hear it. Please get a cup of coffee and pull up a chair to be there with us in person; with your grace I will continue to improve and never do one at a coffee shop again.

Strong faith and strong family are what help Dixie Malm live in the valley of a family tragedy. Tighten your cinch for this ride!

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