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Podcast Season 2, Episode 3: Meet Marion Hageman

At 99 Marion Hageman Has Lived a Life of True Grit and Has Plenty to Share!

two women sitting on a couch holding a book
Mary Fichtner with Marion Hageman

Marion Hageman successfully raised 6 children and hosted over 40 foster kids, all the while working through hardships and never seeing anything but blessings. Their ranch house was small but their hearts were huge and Marion is a beautiful example of living each day with courage. She has always lived out the Cowboy Code and it shows in her life of ranching, hard work, and supporting a husband who was in politics. All of her kids, including Harriet Hageman, live with intention, sacrifice, and work ethic. She has enough courage to spill out onto whoever chooses to accept it. Long live cowgirls!

Strong women raise strong women….Marion Hageman can tell you how!

young woman in an antique sepia photo circa 1940

hageman family, family group shot of parents, 3 sons, and 3 daughters

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