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Podcast Season 2, Episode 1: Meet Diane MacDougall

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Lots of Places, Lots of Faces; Surviving Constant my Mom! Diane MacDougall

Mary Fichtner and Diane MacDougall
Mary Fichtner with her mom, Diane MacDougall

We are back!! Season 2 Episode 1, True Stories of Cowgirl Courage.

Meet my mom! So many places and so many faces. Growing up in World War 2 and losing her mom at a young age she was able to find her gifts and let them shine.

little girl on a porch swing

Growing up during World War II and losing her mom at the age of 9 threw my mom into changes and challenges that would require more courage than she knew she had. Living a life similar to a foster kid and moving so many times she lost count not only taught her what her gifts were but helped her to embrace them. Meet my beautiful mom, or as my Dad so loves to call her, "The Big Time Woman from Way out West!" She will help you look at your scars differently.

portrait of a young girl in a red sweater

This precious 9 year old lost her mom at this young age and World War 2 was going on so she had to live with strangers because her dad was working hard on the war effort. She is my mom! Don’t miss Season 2 Episode 1 of my podcast, True Stories of Cowgirl Courage to hear her story.

Remember courage is contagious…catch some.

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