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Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Meet Brenna Gatimu

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Acceptance and Perseverance are Brenna Gatimu's Top Tools of Choice for Intense Trauma Survival

Meet Brenna and you will be beyond inspired to keep fighting in spite of tragedy. Despite numerous traumas, of many different kinds, Brenna has been able to take the hard things and use them not only to help others but to shine bright in dark places. She is still in the middle of the fight but is winning each battle, one at a time.

a younger blond woman with an older blond woman and a book called Champions of Character
Mary Fichtner with Brenna Gatimu

Courage is contagious and Brenna will get some all over you!!!

Mary Fichtner and Brenna Gatimu, two blond women holding a Courage is Contagious tshirt

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