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Podcast Episode 4: Meet Harriet Hageman

Here's the 4th episode of the podcast!

Harriet was born and raised on a Wyoming ranch by parents who instilled personal responsibility. She became one of the first females to be on the Casper College Livestock Judging Team where she also received the Casper College Outstanding Alumni Award in 2010 and was inducted into the Wyoming Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2011. Harriet was also nominated for The Women of Influence Award in 2017. She is a nationally recognized expert on federal overreach and regulation. Currently, she is running for Congress in the state of Wyoming and also practicing law defending individual rights all over the US. You will never look at failure the same after you hear her story!

Thanks for listening to my Podcast "True Stories of Cowgirl Courage"!

two ladies with a children's book
Mary Fichtner and Harriet Hageman
two ladies, one with a cowgirl hat
Mary and Harriet - Years Ago

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