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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Episode 1: Meet Prairie Wife

Did you know that Rusty's Remuda has a podcast?!

After we published our book called The Heart of a Cowgirl, we realized how many cowgirls we know who have inspiring stories. We wanted to tell those stories, so we created this podcast!

Our podcast is called True Stories of Cowgirl Courage.

True stories of brave women who have overcome pain to find purpose. Life’s scars always offer gifts if we are willing to unwrap them. Cowgirl is a spirit, an attitude, and a life lived with conviction, faith, and intention. Brought to you by Mary Fichtner, these heart-felt stories are intended to fill yours.

In our first episode, meet Prairie Wife in Heels and hear her stories of overcoming. A city girl gone country all for the love of a cowboy! You will love her best "life hack!" as a tool for you to use in your own life.

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