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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Season 3, Episode 9: Sequoyah Branham

Being Trusted Enough to Fail and Dealing with Anxiety with Sequoyah Branham

woman with horse nuzzling her

Learning she was trusted helped Sequoyah Branham with anxiety and knowing she could fail and all would be okay. At the young age of 20, she is running a ranch and writing novels from her experiences of loss, learning to deal with anxiety and overcoming fear. In her own words, "Some days you just got to slap on some lipstick and tell your anxiety to shut up! It won't listen the first time though. So you will have to tell it again." Her novel "In the Company of Cows" includes Scardy-cat horses, family relationships, social anxiety, and disenfranchised guilt. It will be released October 24! Order your copy or go to her website So get your lipstick on and lean into the wind with Sequoyah.

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