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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Episode 2: Meet the Solanos

Episode 2 of my Podcast "True Stories of Cowgirl Courage" has just been published!

You will love meeting the Solanos who own “Solano’s Boots and Western Wear.” When I happened into their store last spring I knew their story had to be told. I was completely taken with Mrs Maria Rita Fabiola Solano (aka Fabie ) who is 85, and helped us with our purchases. Her name fits her perfect since I have taken the liberty to say it’s short for Fabulous. She is from the greatest generation so she has survived a lot but just moves on fulfilling her purpose. You must look at the pictures of her and her husband Andelecio, or Andy. Their daughter Sandy, who also shares in the podcast, says they hold hands EVERYWHERE they go together (see photo) . If this doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will. You will also see the hats we talk about on the podcast.

In Episode 2, I interview Fabie and Sandy Solano of Solano’s Boot and Western Wear. Wait until you hear their story and what makes them so special. The philosophy they raised their kids with is something we all need to embrace.

The Solano's Boot and Western Wear store has been in business since 1956 and has the only known Hat Cemetery. They have overcome many trials but stayed the course to provide quality boots, hats, and everything in between. Hear their philosophy on life and a beloved story of one of their favorite hats.

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