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  • Mary Fichtner

A story from Frontier Days

Gene Autry and I have a story for you…of course! Well any of you that know me know I have a lot of stories, but this is the one I’m sharing today. Every day is so full of blessings here in our Rusty’s Reading Remuda booth. The people we meet, the common threads that bring us together, the lives we share and the heart moments make the heat bearable, the long days shorter and the mission more important. There is no end to it all and our hearts are already full and it’s only Monday. As always we make so many new friends and old ones always come by.


One of my favorite people came by yesterday and regretfully we did not get a picture due to the mass chaos. She is one of the best horsewomen I know which also proves she is an amazing person. She is currently doing equine therapy and Thunder is helping her. We are always astounded at what horses do for us. That is the reason we write about horses. I was elated to see my friend walk into my booth and funny thing, she had on earrings that I absolutely love. One of my favorite pairs ever. I proceeded to tell her how I had the same exact pair and had lost on a recent trip and was heart broken. She then took hers out of her ears and handed them to me. I’m not going to lie I wanted them REALLY bad but I also did not want to take hers. As you can see I lost the wrestling match and can’t stop smiling. She left with books, a horse that won’t cost her any more hay and a t-shirt “Strap your Spurs on, There’s Work To Do”.


So we parted ways, each with a smile and our treasures. Mostly with the warmth of a treasured friendship to last a life-time. We love you Cowgirl!!


Happy trails and see you soon


A Sweet Friendship refreshes the soul

Proverbs 27:9

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