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  • Mary Fichtner

Roslan tough

Get to know our gritty illustrator better!

Some say our kids teach us more than we ever teach them. That is true for me. My kids reach my heart daily with the things they say and do.

I wanted you to get to know our illustrator a little better today. This is a picture of her as a freshman in high school.

two girls playing basketball

Some said it’s just girls' basketball, but I watched the toughness she displayed, and it brought tears to my eyes. Her knees looked like hamburger, her arms were black and blue, her calves ached, and some of her toes were bruised from running, but she was the Ever-ready battery. She was never afraid to scrap it up, push, shove, defend, steal, and in general, give the other team the business.

In fact, she made a lot of them cry, something she never did on the court one time. She fouled out a lot because she fought so hard and she never stopped fighting no matter how bad the score was.

She knew she didn’t have the best mechanics for the game, but it didn’t stop her heart and drive. She added a very special dynamic to the team with her work ethic.

I was so amazed by her mental toughness at that time in her life and I can tell you it has all spilled over to what she does now. I’ve rarely seen a harder worker than this girl right here.

She’s got the grit…let me tell you!

That is the reason I dedicated our book “Courage the Cowgirl Way” to her. She is cowgirl tough and has inspired me beyond measure. I couldn’t be prouder to be her mom!

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