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  • Mary Fichtner

Learn from a tree

Learn from a tree... adapt, improvise, heal, adjust, never give up.

On a beautiful TX morning I got to go on a walk through a beautiful park with my husband, or as I like to call him, my Sugar Daddy. But that is a different story.

The trees were all very interesting as there are so many types we don’t have in WY.

Sugar Daddy loves looking at trees and we discussed a lot of them.

One caught my eye because of its oddly shaped trunk, just in the middle. It was so skinny above and below this apparent deformation. And when I looked way up at the top of the tree it was the only one around with green leaves still at the top, granted not many, but green leaves nonetheless. Interesting. 

Sugar Daddy explained that the trunk probably got damaged somehow and that in repairing itself this interesting lump was formed around its trunk. A reinforcement of sorts so this tall, thin tree could heal. 

Tree trunk with unusual lumps

It made me think of the scars we get when we fight through hard things. When we choose to not give up. When we adapt and figure out a way to grow.

It may not be pleasing to the eye but it will allow us to continue to live our best life.

We sometimes have to fill in our weak spots with something that we didn’t expect, something that we would rather not have to. 

And even when surrounded by many who don’t have such scars or apparent deformities we can choose to grow despite our surroundings and not compare ourselves. 

Thank you, small, skinny tree, for being such a great example.

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