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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Season 3, Episode 3: Meet Roslan Fichtner

Updated: May 5, 2023

Holding On To Values And Finding Unique Purpose In A Broken World with Roslan Fichtner

Mary and Roslan Fichtner with Courage the Cowgirl Way book

Navigating our crazy world is not for wimps, especially getting through high school, college, choosing a spouse, and a profession while holding on to who you are. My daughter, Roslan, is the illustrator for our book series and has truly found her gifts and passion along with keeping her strong faith and identity intact. We can learn a lot from a Gen Z'r on how to do hard things and help young people navigate all that gets thrown at them. This podcast is for young women, moms, and grandmas. So tighten your cinch and you will be blessed.

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