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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Season 3, Episode 1: Meet Joy Williams

Trusting the Heavenly Father When She Never Had the Love of an Earthly One is Joy William's Super Power

What better day to publish Episode 1, Season 3 of True Stories of Cowgirl Courage than International Women’s Day with one of the strongest women I have ever met. Trusting the Heavenly Father when her earthly father never showed her love or protected her is Joy William’s super power. That and choosing to never be a victim to all the hardships she has survived. including a life-altering accident. It’s astonishing how much joy she has through it all! One thing her parents did right was name her. So strap your helmet on for this one! It’s a wild ride.

It's hard to believe that someone named Joy, who had a horrific childhood and a terrible life-altering accident that almost took her life, can have so much joy she is always smiling and praising. Choosing not to be a victim of the things that happened to her allowed her to reach out and accept the love of her Savior. She has a lot of wisdom and courage to share! Get your helmet on and prepare yourself for a wild ride. Also, more grace needed! Microphone challenges continue. I apologize for the echo on the audio but it is well worth the listen. I will continue to work to improve my tech skills. Thank you for your patience.

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