• Mary Fichtner

Giving Back

Updated: May 20

10% of our sales are given to Dr.Donny MacDougall, DVM (Mary’s brother) for his Christian Veterinary Mission!

*two racoons neutered for the local zoo, still asleep

Animals are a bridge to relationships. Whether at a clinic in urban America, a veterinary school in Bolivia, the countryside of Mongolia or serving the Cherokee Nation, relationships are formed over the care of an animal. Trust is built, hearts are shared, and a seed is planted for the Kingdom of Christ.

The mission of CVM is to walk alongside Christians in the veterinary community whose desire is to bring glory to God through the use of their professional skills. It is our honor and privilege to pray with, talk with, encourage, equip, mentor and provide resources and opportunities for men and women to follow God’s call in their life, whether serving in their own community or cross-culturally.



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