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  • Mary Fichtner

Podcast Episode 8: Meet Sabrina Spears

Our greater purpose is linked to the events of our lives, whether traumatic or inspiring.

Growing up in the country of Trinidad taught Sabrina many things; work ethic, problem-solving, and how to choose warrioress over victimhood. Finding her purpose has been a hard road at times but when she finally listened to the whispers of her heart she found her way. Her greatest mission now is helping other women find their purpose and having the support to shine the way they were intended. She is the successful owner of three businesses but her heart mission is an event she is the creator of called Poise, Purpose, Passion which is "For women who are willing to be vulnerable about their experiences so that others can learn from their challenges and failures as much as their successes." Catch some of her's contagious! You can find her on Facebook and Instagram: Balloon Stylist at Balloons & Bounce by Sabrina Spears and Wedding and Events Consultant at Sabrina Spears Events LLC

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