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​Rhyming western children's books

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The Rusty's Remuda Children's Book Series features Rusty the Ranch Horse, Thunder the Smallest War Horse, Delgado the Donkey, and Gunner the All-Around Horse.


It's great for kids age 4-10. However, we HIGHLY recommend reading to babies!

The book series was created way out West by mother-daughter team Mary Fichtner and Roz Fichtner.


Each tale teaches life lessons we have learned from the many horses we love... Rusty's Remuda. There are many more tales to come as we never stop learning!

Featured Book for September 2021

This months's featured book is Rusty and the River!

September is a favorite month at Rusty’s Reading Remuda!


There is no better time than the first month of fall with the slightly cooling temperatures and change of seasons.


For this special month we would like to feature “Rusty and the River.” This book was chosen by the state of Wyoming to represent Wyoming at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC. It earned the honor of the “Discover Great Places Through Reading” award in 2019.


My daughter, who is the illustrator and I were able to travel to DC for this amazing event which is held every September since 2001.


Thousands of people attend and it is all about books! And reading them of course!


Each state has its own booth and every attendee has a map of the US and can visit each booth to learn something unique about that state. They can also purchase the book that each state has chosen to represent it.


Talk about an honor to share how much we love our great state of Wyoming and especially the beautiful rivers we have here. “Rusty and the River” tells how the rivers changes in the four seasons and shares the many animals that live there.


September is a great month to be inspired to visit a river near you!

Want to hear Rusty and the River? You can watch the Story Time video here!

2019 National Book Festival Winner for Wyoming Seal

Books and more!

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I love “The Heart of a Cowgirl” so much and how much it depicts the Western and Cowgirl way of life. I can’t wait to keep it in the family for generations to come and learn about the heart of a Cowgirl. Attached are pictures of me and my niece Maddie reading the book! A big thank you again!

Jordan Jensen, Jr. Miss Estelline Rodeo Queen