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​Rhyming western children's books

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The Rusty's Remuda Children's Book Series features Rusty the Ranch Horse, Thunder the Smallest War Horse, Delgado the Donkey, and Gunner the All-Around Horse.


It's great for kids age 4-10. However, we HIGHLY recommend reading to babies!

The book series was created way out West by mother-daughter team Mary Fichtner and Roz Fichtner.


Each tale teaches life lessons we have learned from the many horses we love... Rusty's Remuda. There are many more tales to come as we never stop learning!

Featured Book for August 2021

This months's featured book is The Big Battle of Thunder the Smallest War Horse!

August is transition month. Summer is still in full swing, although back to school is looming if not already in. When you have school kids it’s a time when you are reminded that they are in the next grade up and getting bigger than just a few months ago.


Fall brings new things and I hope we are all looking for our kid’s gifts which hopefully show up more each and every day. If you are a parent or a teacher it is one of the most important things you can do with the small ones in your life, help them find and embrace what God has blessed them with! And the best part? Each and every one of us has gifts!


Thunder has many battles but this one is about his size, which he does not like at the beginning of the story. He is not only a mini horse but also lives with Clydesdales. He focuses on what they can do that he can’t and wants to be just like them but as he continues to strive to do better, he finds his own gifts, and even things he can do that the big horses can’t!


It’s a precious story of self-acceptance and never giving up. The best way for kids to learn lessons is through fun characters and wonderful illustrations. We hope that you will attend Thunder’s battle with him and help the littles in your life to embrace who they are!

Want to hear The Big Battle of Thunder the Smallest War Horse? You can watch the Story Time video here!


Books and more!

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I love “The Heart of a Cowgirl” so much and how much it depicts the Western and Cowgirl way of life. I can’t wait to keep it in the family for generations to come and learn about the heart of a Cowgirl. Attached are pictures of me and my niece Maddie reading the book! A big thank you again!

Jordan Jensen, Jr. Miss Estelline Rodeo Queen