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Rhyming western children's books

**For ages 4 - 10 and we HIGHLY recommend reading to babies!**

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2019 National Book Festival Winner for Wyoming Seal

April's Featured Book

For springtime and Easter season, we are featuring one our newest books…Wrong Color Rusty.

The story of Rusty’s life holds a valuable lesson of new beginnings, purpose and spring colors.


This is the true story of how Rusty was born to two black and white paint horses and came out solid orange! He wasn’t what anyone expected and he had to find his way.


Sometimes our purpose is not obvious and we have to find the courage to search for it and ask for God’s help. That is Rusty’s story. 


Read along and enjoy all the spring colors while you learn how Rusty finds his way and what he is made for, of course it has nothing to do with his color or how he looks! Maybe he wasn’t the wrong color after all.


Learning from Rusty we can be taught

Each one of us can find our own spot

Even if others think so or not


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